Arrivals in each building of the property have arrival times because it is about personalized appointments.

These arrival and departure times are established with Lyon Country House guests at the time of booking.

It is important to respect the chosen RV time for a logistical question and it is asked to warn in case of delay.

For groups, everyone should ideally arrive at the same time and in a minimum number of cars (limited places in the car park), it is necessary to warn from the reservation for the organization.

It is requested to vacate the huts by noon at the latest.

Our pets can be allowed on the property upon request.

There is no on-site sale, or drinks or food.

The guard tower building and the cabin are equipped with kitchens. The property is surrounded by many restaurants if you want to go out, you will have a beep of the portal to guarantee your independence.

The owners are on the estate in the castle and are at your disposal when needed. There may be other guests in the different outbuildings of the castle except in case of total privatization of the property.

The rates on the website, any brochures or partner sites, are subject to change for various reasons and at any time and without justification, but the price of the order on your reservation is authentic. During the year, there may be special offers through the welcome banner of the website and the facebook page of the huts.

Do not forget your evening meal if you wish.

Please avoid the stiletto heels in the cabin which are parquet. And travel light. Take comfortable shoes.

Valuables: It is recommended not to leave valuables in the accommodation and cars. (NB: secure and closed parking, private property) SARL Lyon Country Lodge can not be held responsible for any incident.


Do not forget your swimsuits

Remember: Jacuzzis are not recommended for pregnant women

It is asked not to have henna or a recent hair dye or gel in the hair. The shower is mandatory before access to the jacuzzi and / or sauna.

The spa is accessible by advance reservation so that everyone can enjoy it peacefully. It is accessible from 8H to 21H on reservation of a time slot.

Yes it is a private property, closed and secure, you can park on a place that will be indicated by your host when you arrive.

There can be no accompanying persons other than the guests of the Lyon Country House having booked and staying on site.

Each guest is responsible for himself as well as his affairs and the children are under the sole and complete responsibility of their parents. It is requested not to leave young children alone on the property. It is requested to limit the consumption of alcohol for reasons of safety and for the respect of the tranquility of the places. Children must not remain unattended at the edge of the pools, in the woods or alone in the spa … .. Sarl Lyon Country Lodge declines any responsibility in case of drowning or accident on the property.

Sorry no, not in the buildings. Security level, no candles either in wooden cabins! If you smoke outside, please do not throw your butts in the wild but in a trash once your cigarette is out.

The SARL Lyon Country Lodge have a professional insurance RC that covers you in case of concern by his fault. You must also have the holiday guarantee in your own comprehensive home insurance (civil liability) (everyone has it in his home contract). This one is not requested in justification, but considered as acquired the GSC having been checked and thus validated with the order. SARL Lyon Country Lodge disclaims all liability in case of non-compliance with site rules (including use jacuzzi, sauna, swimming, activities and games offered). The cabin benefits from a multi-risk home insurance, coupled with a ten-year manufacturer insurance. They are carried out by specialists according to the standard DTU 31.2 NF P 221-201 (constructions of houses with wooden frames).

+ 60 days * before the stay: reimbursement of 50% of the sum paid.

From 60 days to 30 days before the stay: 30% refund

And 30 days * to the day of the stay (including once on site in case of stay canceled on arrival or just before, for fear of fear, dizziness or other (family or medical or accident), including in case of stay interrupted for any reason whatsoever, including the problem of access to the snow or other (such as a car breakdown or any other cause), which prevents you from arriving on your own site: no refund the reason given.

These rules also apply to date bookings of gift vouchers.


Reminder: It is advisable at the time of booking (at the bottom of the order form), to take a cancellation insurance. Revoici the suggested subscription link: https://www.allianz-voyage.fr/devis-en-ligne/devis-en-ligne/

You can also get closer to World Assistance or Europe Assistance, which offers cottage / bed and breakfast holiday insurance.

This subscribed insurance must refund all or part of the canceled stay on your part, after application of the cancellation conditions of the Lyon Country Lodge.

You may be offered another date of stay, weekdays (Sunday to Thursday, excluding school holidays and eves of holidays) but ONLY if a replacement rental has been found with at least a price equivalence canceled, as well as that a sufficient time of reception of the regulation and collection of the new cabaneurs (about 7 days). This eventual exchange may, at the discretion of Cabanes du Moulin, be done in another cabin than the one initially reserved, and for a replacement stay to be used within a maximum period of 1 month following the date of the initial stay.

These rules also apply if you realize that you have booked a date that did not suit you.

These rules also apply to date bookings of gift vouchers.

* The 1st day is counted in the delay, example a reservation a January 15th for a February 15th, the period of 30 days begins on January 15th even if it is the precise day of the order, example applicable for the period of 60 days .

NB: For stays of two nights or more, it is not possible to request the postponement of the second night which is neither exchanged nor refunded.

NB: no refund if one or more persons of the validated reservation does not finally go to the planned stay.

NB: the campfire is non-refundable even if it has not been used or managed to start it, all people booking this option being supposed to know how to start a fire. Including in case of bad weather such as rain, the wood being dry because protected by pyres.

NB: for any appeal, you have the choice to contact the mediator of MMA Mr Gilbert at 0553701914 (legal protection contract number 140008601).

It is neither refundable nor exchangeable, validity over 1 year * (except if dated gift / date of stay on the receipt), so no refund in case of cancellation of date from the beneficiary, no date transfer possible no longer following a date already blocked, possibility of extending the date of validity of the voucher: 50 € per month of postponement, limited to 2 months. The gift vouchers are not for a Saturday or a holiday eve if the voucher is only for 2 people (refer to the paragraph above on the available dates) and refer to the rate in force to see the dates available according to the amount of the gift voucher held.

* The validity date of 1 year gift voucher begins receipt of the order and not on receipt of payment. There is therefore a year to consume his stay (not 1 year to book).

Purchase orders or gift certificates filled in and validated on the website have the value of the rental contracts. You can print them at the time of booking once you have received the validation box that guarantees the delivery of your voucher.

Once you have received your voucher, you will receive an email summarizing the order with the total and the means of payment *, this e-mail is the invoice, it takes the data of the order.

Then, the order is validated by email once your payment received is the mail / invoice paid. A paper invoice gave you on the spot at the end of the stay.

* Payment by bank transfer or paypal or stripe for late bookings (less than a week from the date this booking is frequent), if you do not have a paypal account, go to their website registration is free , simple and fast.